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The best party

The World Cup is the real 17th of May for everyone.


[tv] When the leader of the May 17 committee in Sandefjord, the Labor Party's Pournima Singh, wanted to put in a sari on the May 17 train, there was trouble.

The committee's representatives from the Pension Party, the Right and the Progress Party were given collective backwards, and Singh eventually chose to stand in the vestfold bunad to avoid political divisions. The case in Sandefjord shows that the slogan «17. May for all »is still a distance away from becoming reality, so for now, Norway's multicultural must use another solemnity to flag its national identity.

Of course, I'm talking about the World Cup in football, because when else can people with an immigrant background openly and proudly flag background, flag and national feeling without anyone wrinkling their noses? In recent weeks, Ghanaians have been shouting for happiness on the subway, while Brazilians have danced at the courthouse and people from Portugal and Angola toast together without being disturbed by old colonial slag – all dressed from head to toe in national colors. In football pubs and around big screens, the World Cup month has become a collective. . .

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