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The forgotten jubilant

A few years after Christian Sinding had composed poems by the communists Nordahl Grieg and Arnulf Øverland, the 85-year-old composer ended up in the arms of the National Collection. Now Per Vollestad has written a book about Sinding.


On January 11, it was 150 years since the composer Christian Sinding was born. Sinding is the man behind the piano bead Spring soda, best known by its German title Spring noise. In his time, Sinding was considered our foremost composer after Grieg, but the man committed social and artistic suicide when he joined the National Assembly eight weeks before his death in 1941.

The baritone Per Vollestad has researched Sindings songs and with the biography Christian Sinding he sheds new light on the controversial 150th anniversary.

-Why this book?

- Christian Sinding had composed many fine songs that are never sung. When the Academy of Music asked if I wanted to do a performing doctorate, it was natural to break the silence around his songs.

-What's an executive doctorate?

- The designation. . .

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