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The historical truth


This is 60 years ago the summer of 1945, where one of the greatest events happened was the establishment of the UN, and whose charter begins as follows:

"We, the people of the United Nations, are determined to save future generations from the scourge of war, which, twice in our lifetime, has brought unspeakable sorrow upon humanity, and reaffirm our belief in fundamental human rights, on the dignity and value of the individual, on men's and women's, and on the equal rights of small and large nations ... »

Today, 190 states are committed to following the charter. A major loss to the cause of peace and relaxation was the death of President Roosevelt in April 1945. Undoubtedly his thoughts and intentions characterize much of the charter.

Where are we today? From the United States in August 1945, used nuclear weapons against the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and demanded the exclusive right to nuclear weapons, the United States has deliberately opposed the United Nations Charter, and for a large part of the period also directed the United Nations for its global purposes and interests. The country has astronomical figures in its defense budget and produces and sells weapons to most of the wars the world has experienced to date. At the same time, it has directly waged many of the wars, such as now in Iraq. Facing the UN, the United States has gone so far as to refuse to pay its quota for the World Organization's daily work.

Nor do Norway's governing powers has supported US politics and exported weapons to warring countries. At the same time, millions upon millions of poor and children die of hunger.

One of the cruelest single acts of our new millennium was the terrorist attack in the heart of the United States in 2001. One question we must ask is: Why has there been no legal settlement in the case so far, and why we have not got any real clarification on how the hijacking of three fully occupied aircraft at one of the world's best guarded airports could be implemented so effectively? Has no one ant and no one failed? Is it only the terrorists and terrorism who are guilty? And what about Norwegian press coverage in this context?

Roald Halvorsen and Hans I. Kleven are former deputy leaders and leaders in the NKP.

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