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The necessary noise maker

When nobody contradicts you, you have to do it yourself.

[social debate] When everything is gray and silent in Norwegian debate culture, because our Foreign Minister has said something sensible again, or Norway has been voted the best invention of world history, there is ample comfort to be had from the Americans. In Norway, debates flare up once every six months, when Jostein Gaarder decides to play literature or the Norwegian Council of Ministers speaks Norwegian.

It may seem like an insurmountable task to follow the American debate, but it all starts, ends or hits one website: hitchensweb.com. The British-American journalist Christopher Hitchens is America's foremost intellectual, and by far the biggest asshole. Sorry French. What else should one call a guy who points the finger at the audience in TV debates, who calls fellow debaters "hurper", who scolds Edward Said when he is about to die, and who brags that he writes his best articles when he is dritings – as he is from morning to night?

It is nevertheless impossible to get around his sharp formulations when deciding on the current American debate. It is more due to his unpredictability. . .

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