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The junk Zorro

Why is Isabel Allende's Zorro "serious" literature?


Isabel Allende has written a novel about the masked hero Zorro, and the book is offered almost naturally through the Book Club New Books. Who is guilty of customary literature snobbery when offering the book through his member magazine: "The Zorro character has been around for a long time, but never in serious literature." I haven't read Allendes Fox, but how is it possible to come to terms with such attitudes when the character Zorro was actually created by a fiction writer? Allende is of the same opinion: “What are you talking about? I'm a serious writer, "she replied according to The Guardian when John Gertz – who owns the Zorro rights – offered Allende to write a novel about Zorro.

Forget everything you already knew about Zorro. Forget all previous movies, TV shows, comics and books about the masked hero. For now, Isabel Allende is coming, and it is only now that Zorro becomes art. Serious literature. No nonsense, clichéd language. . .

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