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The invisible man

There are several thousand illegal immigrants in Norway. In Italy and Spain, many have been granted amnesty, in the United States discussions are in full swing. In Norway, such a proposal is politically dead. "Edward" washes Norwegian floors from early in the morning until late at night. After twisting the cloth, he goes home – and hides from the state.


[immigration] "Edward" is a Catholic Tamil from Sri Lanka, but it is in Norway that he envisions his future. He lives in a small two-room apartment at a secret address with his wife and two children aged one and three and a half, both born here. No one in the family is allowed to stay in the country – both adults have had their asylum applications finally rejected.

Instead of sitting on the plane home, he went

the family underground. Amazingly enough, pay

"Edward" tax of every penny he earns, and his daughter goes to kindergarten. Private, though. Everything is secret.

- My daughter knows that there is something called Sri Lanka, but. . .

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