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The Korean Movie Adventure

South Korea is about to become the locomotive in Asian film. – The secret is genre films with an original and national dispute, says Julie Ova in Film from the south festival.


The year is 2009. Korea has been under Japanese rule for years, and Japan won World War II in alliance with the United States. Then Korean policeman Sakamoto becomes aware of a plot of unknown dimensions, ruled by a Japanese association that has sent an agent back in time to change the story. Suddenly it becomes very difficult to distinguish between friends and enemies, true and false. Can Sakamoto change the story again?

This is how the plot is in the movie 2009 Lost Memories, a nationalist science fiction thriller that appears as a mix of Terminator, The Matrix og 12 Monkeys. Just one of many examples of the emerging South Korean film locomotive, which is also increasingly appearing in Norwegian DVD shelves and movie theaters.

Violence and art

- We have only had three Korean films on the market since 1995, and they have not been the big ones. . .

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