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The myopia P3

Can't they just call it the P3 song of the time?

Creating cultural cannons is fun. No sooner has the dust settled after Morgenbladet's award of Norway's ten most significant works of art after the war, then NRK P3 and the youth magazine Spirit invite their audience to announce what they call "the Norwegian song of the time". A commendable measure, just a pity that the 100 candidates are left with a bad taste of a music police driven by age and taste apartheid. Because it's been a long time since I've seen such a skewed and near-sighted picture of Norwegian pop history.

"We in Spirit have felt sorry for the fact that there are so many good Norwegian songs in circulation, without anybody having clarified which is the best," says Spirit number nine. The audience itself should stand for the audience, but as we all know, the power lies with those who nominate the candidates.

And in the list of the top 100 Norwegian songs, Spirit editor Thomas Talseth and P3's powerful music director Håkon Moslet and their henchmen continue to hammer in their narrow and snobbish views on Norwegian pop history. Then the debate on the NRK program The history of Norwegian rock raged at its worst last year, Moslet stated the following to Dagbladet: «It was not until the mid-1980s that Norwegian rock began to become an interesting scene, with groups such as Raga Rockers, DumDum Boys, deLillos. . .

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