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These lost their place

SV's steering group shrank with eight representatives.


SV's decline in the parliamentary elections means that a number of their representatives lose their seats in the Storting. Here is an overview of those who now have to go back to their old job or find a new one. The new one may well come as a minister, secretary of state or adviser to the Storting. There is little doubt that the management wants to use more of those whom the people in elections would not have back at the thing. The eight who were not re-elected were all elected to the Storting for the first time in 2001.

Siri Hall Arnøy was the second candidate on the list in Akershus. She was first elected in 2001, and has throughout the period represented the party in the Control and Constitution Committee.

Audun Lysbakken did not reach from his second place. . .

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