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Sentenced to Norwegian agriculture?

Are Norwegian farmers the big losers in the WTO negotiations? This is how it can work in the Norwegian media, and so it can go. But nothing is safe in the WTO


Hectic media reports in recent days may indicate that big things may happen in the WTO negotiations on agricultural trade. It is reported that rich countries must give up large parts of the customs protection, perhaps more than half, and reduce agricultural subsidies sharply.

But that is far ahead of any negotiation result. When it comes to agricultural negotiations, there is a black-tie game between the US and the EU. They have different profiles on customs protection and their support schemes. The EU is therefore constantly promoting proposals where it sacrifices part of its own interests, but so that the proposal strikes the United States so hard that the proposal is doomed to fall.

Proposals from the United States, of course, have the opposite profile. In this way, the United States and the EU try to push each other's responsibilities to one another so that developing countries do not have an impact on their wishes.

Preventive cutting suggestions

Norway is part of a small group of countries (G10) that protect agriculture. . .

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