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The verdict has fallen

THE VERDICT / Finally, my, as well as every other victim's dream has come true.


Genocide accused Radovan Karadzic became the 20. March guilty plea to the Hague Court. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Finally, my, as well as every other victim's dream has come true. During the sentencing, I drew this caricature drawing with tears of joy as my comment on the judgment, thinking about the extent of the bloody actions Karadzic was convicted of.

I am, as a victim, one of the survivors of Srebrenica, where Karadzic orchestrated the genocide. Within a few days, the Bosnian Serb army – with the help of military and paramilitary forces from Serbia – killed over 8000 Bosnians aged 13 – 80 years. Among these my brother with his two sons, as well as the son of my sister. I lost everything I had. So sad and tragic! The remains of my brother have not yet been found. This falls heavily to my chest. That's why I'm looking for justice.

My cartoons have been my therapy for over 25 years, and help me move forward. With the verdict against Karadzic, I was mentally relieved. I hope that the final verdict for the war criminal Karadzic will send clear signals to all current and potential criminals around the world – that no one is above the law, and that crimes do not pay.

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