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The kings of the village of Drabant

After 24 years, the freaks Odd and Geir thank for Norway's most expensive film. Letting Jimmy loose is the final part of a broadly constructed generational saga.


[drabantrealism] The childhood friends Odd and Geir were born in Gateavisa in 1982, in the two-page cartoon "Two tired types fire a bull". 24 years later, the simple hash humor of Christopher Nielsen has not only grown into the full-length animated movie Release Jimmy Free, which premiered Friday 21. April. Odd and Geir also play the lead roles in a generational saga about the drab city generation that ravaged the Oslo subway lines 20-30 years ago.

- In my eyes, Christopher Nielsen's comics are the most realistic portrait made so far of the 1970s and 80s slums, says Nikolaj Frobenius.

- Fortunately, he has not tried to make a cross-section of the population, but has taken hold of a feature of the youth environments in the slums that is very recognizable, and basically not very caricatured. I can not think of anyone who has written better drabantby dialogue. He is unsurpassed, says Frobenius.

Men. . .

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