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Killed on reality

Are you going to commit some murder at Easter, or just sit and watch?


[Easter Crime] In the essay "Defense for crime novels" Sigurd Hoel argues that it is health-giving to be exposed to murder. In literature, well to note, since those there act as "surrogate murder". Murder in the imagination reduces the need to kill properly.

There should have been a more or less radical position in 1946, considering the orgy of violence in the years before. Sigurd Evensmo thought that was it. He wrote several times about the Hoel essay, always ambivalent, but over the years increasingly dismissive of the hypothesis that fantasy violence can function as a purification process. In 1964 he wrote the petition "Murder at Easter", which opened with the question: "While the impressions are fresh, I allow myself to ask how many murders you committed at Easter […] Did you like to murder best. . .

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