Theater of Cruelty

Bold attack from Deaf


The City Action Runar Deaf lives dangerously when he mentions the House Action totally without respect. Either he is very brave or he has no idea who he is dealing with. Deaf claims that the Huseby campaign is chopping trees to decorate the Huseby forest so no one should have the heart to build an embassy there. For a cheek of the City Action!

The home town campaign does not chop trees. The house town campaign commands the Garden when bushes are going away in the Gardeskogen. The loggers in Husebyskogen are uniformed. And it is not just the Armed Forces that is now under the leadership of the Husebyakjones. By order from us, Njård and the Open Air Agency have also repaired trails and prepared the winter light trail. Deafness must also know that the House Action is responsible for the Declaration of Government, Hurricane Maria and Nissen on the Barn. The deaf must immediately apologize to the House City Action, otherwise he can expect a long and costly injury lawsuit. We can afford that.

We have made billions of t-shirts outside Rimi on the mackerel creek.

Margrethe Geelmuyden, Action Vern Husebyskogen

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