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Dropping global taxes

However, the government will not introduce global taxes. – Norway goes from spearhead to afterdilter, says Attac.


[politics] This week, Erik Solheim came up with an answer to which there has been great expectations. The proposal for global taxes was the direct cause of the creation of Attac in 1998, and remains central to the globalization-critical movements.

The Soria Moria Declaration states that Norway should be a pioneer in global taxes. Until March 1 this year, Norway joined the presidential club in the "Leadership Group for Global Financing Mechanisms", but the government has consistently failed to respond to what Norway will do, despite repeated challenges.

So, this week, the answer came in the form of a letter to the Forum for Development and the Environment.

- This is a declaration of bankruptcy, there is nothing new here. In Soria Moria, the government says that we will be a spearhead on foreign exchange tax and aviation tax, but this letter indicates that Norway is going from spearhead to aftermath, says Marte Nilsen, leader of Attac.

In the letter, Solheim states that if an international currency tax working group is established, Norway will participate.

- It is the exact opposite of being a pioneering country, Nilsen says.

New Time calls Erik Solheim.

- I completely agree with Attac that there should have been greater movement internationally to introduce global taxes, but it is. . .

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