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A crazy statement


The allegation According to Svein Thuastad, a member of Sandnes SV, in SV's work program that the United States is "the greatest threat to world peace" is "crazy". We get to know this in a larger piece about "SV's lost virginity" in Ny Tid 35/05. The responsibility for the wording of the work program is attributed to comrade Thuastad, whom he calls "the party's so-called system-critical wing". He even perceives this wing as "a core problem" for the party.

The American William Blum has in the book Rough State: A Guide to the Worlds Only Superpower (2000) lists 67 "global interventions" from the United States since 1945 to the year 2000. He then includes about 12 non-military actions, the rest are military. In Vardøger (www.vardoger.no) 28 03 write Johan. . .

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