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Elites, philosophers and international fisheries management


Stefan Snævarr at Lillehammer University College pays me a small visit in Ny tid on 18 November on the occasion of his settlement with the «northern political elite… of politicians, journalists, researchers and thinkers who cheer on Norway in the northern areas». It is always nice to be mentioned among the elite, but I sense a hint of bitterness in the philosopher's greeting. The background is an article in Aftenposten where I discussed the ongoing predatory fishing in the Barents Sea and pointed out that the Protection Zone around Svalbard, where the episode with the Russian trawler Elektron took place, is not "explicitly recognized by the states that fish in the area". Snævarr is so upset about this that he cites four exclamation marks and allows it to support the claim that the "northern political elite" believes that Norwegians "have a divine right to rule and take care of the area".

International law is difficult even after one ceased to invoke deities as justification. . .

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