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Embedded in the Class Fight

Norwegian media need fewer war viewers like Bjørgulv Braanen and more journalists enrolled in the military.

By Aslak Nore

Embedding – journalism in which the reporter enlists militarily with one of the parties to an armed conflict – is a constant source of controversy. In 2003, for example, Klassekampen's editor Bjørgulv Braanen wrote an article about VG's coverage of Iraq: not only is 'embedded', but who is being foiled daily by the US military. "

Metaphors from sex life. After considerable pressure, Braanen had to apologize for his statements, but little did the editor know that he was up to something right – the expression "cock in the ass" is a general (albeit somewhat flat) description of walking or lying close to the defense. Embedding in general tends to incur metaphors from the sex life among critics. The reporter is in bed with power. This type of journalism, it is claimed, undermines the reporter's credibility and makes power-critical coverage of the victims. . .

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