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A city between hands

The unique book series Rutebok for Oslo gives us the city we want – car-free and on rails.


[case prose] Then it is in the mailbox with my address on the envelope, the newest book in my favorite series. This is the Road Book for Oslo, a delicious, multicolored series in the format of 9,5 x 21 centimeters. Sent free of charge from Sporveien, perhaps a half-secret remnant from the time of Poor Norway, when the community generously harvested its slender crate.

The book I carefully pull out of the envelope "applies from 30.4.2007" and follows the same design template as the previous one. The picture on the front page is a tableau in "Sporveien's history cavalcade", and shows Jernbanetorget full of trams and buses when Hotell Viking was newly built. However, a slight difference between the front pages makes me uneasy: In the previous book it said «Do you subscribe to the route book? Remember to renew your subscription! ». This text has now been removed, along with a two-color ad with the same prompt. . .

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