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A dance on dandelion

Norwegian dance bands are out of the Swedish shadow, but are not yet invited by the good company.


[dance music] – I do not come home so suddenly, now I have it so great, sings Eirik Johansen.

It is six o'clock in the morning, and Scandinavia has to go through sound test and makeup. After 18 years in the dance band top, they are used to giving the audience what they want, and today it is TV 2's Good Morning, Norway that demands theirs. Because although the Norwegian dance band Scandinavia has sold ice on the North Pole in the form of more than 10.000 plates sold in the dance bands' home country, Sweden, the media does not come running when they release the album All Mann to the pumps. They get to know breakfast TV and Nitimen carefully.

- The interest is greatest from local radios and local newspapers, but things have changed since we started in 1988. We do not have to defend the music we play, and more and more people come out of the closet as dance band fans, says songwriter Steinar Storm Kristiansen.

Not so hip

These are good times for Norwegian dance bands. The most popular sell 25.000-30.000 albums, but struggle with visibility. . .

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