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A kite on Safari – China into Africa

Beijing is using aid as a barrier to access Africa's natural resources. Bintumani hotels in Sierra Leone's capital Freetown were looted during the Civil War. Now it has opened again with new Chinese owners. Across Africa, China's presence is increasing.


[kampala / dar es salaam / oslo] It had been good to read about Mao's Three Worlds theory on the train from Tanzania's capital Dar es Salaam to Zambia's capital Lusaka. Mao believed that Africa and Asia should stand together against the superpowers the United States and the Soviet Union, and the railway line was built by the Chinese in 1976.

But in recent years, the thumps from the tracks have taken on a more aggressive tone. They are reminiscent of a new great power seeking influence and natural resources in Africa. In the last five years, trade with China has quadrupled. The country has now emerged as the UK's third largest trading partner in Africa. Both aid and trade patterns. . .

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