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- A unique chance

The employees of Ny Tid are fully behind the board and SV's central board in the desire to transfer ownership to the publishing house Damm. In this way, the newspaper's tradition and future can be secured.


In the Ny Tid board's unanimous decision from the board meeting on 3 January, it was proposed that the current shares in Ny Tid be written down to zero, and that a private placement be made in favor of the publisher NW Damm & Søn AS.

The club in Ny Tid, which represents all employees and substitutes in the newspaper, supports the board's proposal to sell Ny Tid.

- The club has been kept continuously informed about the processes over the past few years, and fully supports the board's recommendation to the extraordinary general meeting on Monday 16 January, says club leader Jógvan H. Gardar.

The employees and the board have received guarantees that the newspaper's radical traditions will be continued at the transfer, and the newspaper will be given full editorial freedom to. . .

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