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But world poets

To write well about Africa, you have to write about something else.


[Chapter] – I wanted to write about American history, says Russell Banks, one of America's most acclaimed authors. His latest book Love came in Norwegian and Pax this spring and has led critics to compare Banks with Joseph Conrad, who wrote one of postcolonialism's greatest works, Heart of Darkness. In Love follows Banks' Hannah Musgrave, who in the 1970s travels from the United States to apply again for her sons in Liberia after being away for eleven years. As a white, male writer, Banks is exceptionally close to his female protagonist, but also in his straightforward and well-considered approach to Liberia and the African continent.

- I felt that I had the right to tell this story because it was my story, says Banks over the café table in Stavanger during the literature festival Kapittel. The festival brings together a number of European, American and postcolonial authors. Many refer to Banks as the largest among them.

- Race is essential in the idea of ​​who "we" – as in European Americans. . .

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