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An international danger

In recent days, the bird flu virus has moved into Europe. At worst, the disease becomes a pandemic affecting the entire world.


The bird flu virus has reached southern Europe this week with outbreaks in Greece and Romania. The virus already proves to be resistant to the medicines we have. For Norway's part, the pandemic can at best not be more severe than a regular flu season, such as during the Russian flu in 1977. In the worst case, it can result in two million sick and 30.000 dead Norwegians in six months. To combat a type of virus like the bird flu virus, there is no doubt that collaboration is a prerequisite for success not only in the medical field.


The July / August issue of the well-known American magazine "Foreign Affairs" pays great attention to the problems surrounding the bird flu virus. The headline on the front page is as follows: "The new pandemic?" The front page sends out a strong signal internationally about. . .

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