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A more human refugee policy

SV has, point by point, proven to have the most humane policy towards refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants.


On 19 August, Ny Tid SV presented as runners-up for the right-wing's extremely strict immigration policy. This is completely distorted and incorrect.

SV is the party of the movements, which is why SV's refugee and immigration policy is also formulated in close dialogue with organizations such as the Norwegian Refugee Council, NOAS, Save the Children, OMOD, JUSS BUSS, the Norwegian Bar Association and the minority organizations working on refugee and immigration issues. We are even working on integration and diversity policy. This does not mean that the organizations should be held accountable for decisions we make regarding our own policies, but we are concerned with input from talented professionals.

SV's results

The interaction has borne several fruits:

In 2004, in collaboration with the asylum children's organization SOHO, PRESS, Save the Children and the Norwegian Bar Association, we had a breakthrough for allowing children who had lived at least 3 years in asylum reception to stay. This made life easier and the future brighter for a number of children who had lived too long in uncertainty.

In collaboration with the Vietnamese community, we have solved the case of 100 boat refugees who had lived. . .

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