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A journey in the house of Islam

Nazneen Khan-Östrem addresses the issue of Islam and modernity, as young Muslims face the problem in Europe today.


Along with a number of books on Islam, a book was published this fall by a journalist and college lecturer at HiO Nazneen Khan-Östrem, which deals with Muslims. It is not a trade book, and we hear little about Islamic principles and theological inferences. We follow Khan-Östrem in her travels to New York, London, Paris and Berlin to search for what is Islamic identity and how it plays out in the meeting with so-called Western urban values. She also asks if the contradiction is as strong as many believe and whether it is just a myth that Islam is incompatible with the West's way of life. The diverse backgrounds of the Muslim population in these metropolises, as well as the host country's own culture, create very different developments among Muslims in these cities.

Different development

If you read the chapter on Paris, for example, you may understand much more of what has happened in Paris recently. The racism, the feeling of helplessness and despair that Khan-Østrem identifies in his book is the main reason. . .

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