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A socialist working style

SV in government is a unique opportunity for the party. If it succeeds in pursuing a radical leftist policy.

SV wants power to implement its policy. Therefore, it was a unanimous national meeting that wanted SV – if the opportunities were there – to help create a policy on the left through the formation of a red-green majority government. SV's movement from opposition to position gives us unimaginable opportunities if we now play our cards correctly.

This requires, inter alia:

Policy anchoring: SV's policy should not be based on a anyone-has-talked-together culture at the top, but built on a broad foundation in the party organization.

recognisability: SVs should recognize themselves in the government's profile, in the sense that the party's program and political practice should be the basis.

compromises: The government is a coalition government, where all parties must be willing to give in to their own particular points of view. But some compromises sit farther in the other because it violates the party's basic view. It is important that we do not defend the compromises so actively that our primary positions become invisible.

A prime minister always has the prime minister's confidence. If the trust is not present, the person leaves. . .

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