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Does practice change?

Prime Minister Bjarne Håkon Hanssen is considering a change of practice.

[quota refugees] The practice of converting quota refugees to kroner and penny, and then spending the money for purposes other than retrieving refugees to Norway, may change.

From 1998 to 2006, the Storting decided that Norway should receive a total of 11.500 quota refugees through the UN. Ny Tid revealed, however, that 780 of the quota places (so-called convertible quota places) were instead used to finance other purposes. This was unknown to the public and politicians, who criticized the practice (see Ny Tid no. 18-2007).

On the basis of this, Storting representative Bjørg Tørresdal (KrF) raised the matter with the Minister of Labor and Social Inclusion in a letter on 7 June. In the reply letter from Bjarne Håkon Hansen. . .

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