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The device list pushed forward answers


The Danish party Enhedslisten has been working for a long time to find out whether the CIA aircraft use Danish airspace and Danish airports. It took a long time for the authorities to answer the questions, but in June, Transport Minister Flemming Hansen suddenly admitted that at least two CIA aircraft have used Danish airspace.

In its first response, the Minister admitted that an aircraft had been in Danish airspace 12 times. When he returned in June, he admitted that another aircraft had used Danish airspace at least 14 times. One of these planes has seven times started or ended the trip in Uzbekistan, one of the countries that several human rights organizations believe is torturing prisoners for Americans.

The Danish government has contacted the Americans and asked them to stop using Danish airspace for these transports. In his reply to Frank Aaen from the Unity List, the Danish Foreign Minister, Per Stig Møller, on August 22 this year, said that he had contacted the Americans and stated that one from the Danish side does not want Danish airspace for purposes that are not are compatible with international conventions. He pointed out that this use of civil aircraft is a violation of Article 3 of the Chicago Convention, which governs civil aviation.

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