Theater of Cruelty

Are you a citizen of the world?

Test yourself:
1) Do you wear a garment that is partially manufactured in another continent?
2) Have you heard or read opinions and ideas from another continent in the past week?
3) Have you paid global taxes in the last year?
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Global taxes? Yes, of course, on page ten of the Soria Moria Declaration, you can read that the government will "lead the way for international agreements on new global sources of finance that can help redistribute", such as air taxes, carbon taxes, and currency transaction fees.

The intention is good. The extreme transformation and integration the world economy has undergone in a few decades is by no means reflected in the reach of politics and democracy. Environment, trade and development are issues that must also be addressed at a global level. The nation state and national identities should not or will not disappear for the next hundred years, but something is needed as well. While the duties and rights we have as citizens are being discussed continuously down to every millimeter, the duties we have towards each other as world citizens are tragically little concrete. Norwegian welfare is largely due to the fact that we are woven tightly into the global economy, therefore it is a paradox that Norwegian mainstream media constantly portray Norway as a self sufficient system. Perhaps the establishment of global taxes in the long term may help to change this, thanks to the spinal cord reflex "follow the money".

On March 1, Norway relinquished its President's Club in the Leadership Group for Global Financing Mechanisms. For six months, Norway has been leading the work on global taxes, and the results are staggering. The only thing the government has done is redefine the already existing CO2 tax on national flights, so that the money now goes to the International UNITAID Fund. In addition, the government should introduce a new tax that also includes foreign traffic, as has been done by France, among others. In addition, Solheim and Halvorsen should introduce a very small foreign exchange fee, such as 0,005 percent, as in the Currency Transaction Develpoment Levy proposal. Every day, more than $ 2000 billion is traded on the foreign exchange market, which has expanded 1970 times its own size since the 120s. At the same time, economic globalization and the increase in air transport have contributed to climate change affecting poor countries most severely. That is why it is time for us to realize that the world is now even more closely connected than before, and impose global taxes on poverty reduction.

Conclusion: If you agree to all the questions you have the cheat. Since the correct answer to question 3) is no, you cannot call yourself a real world citizen. Sorry.

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