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Are we Germans in the 30's?

I've caught on to throwing things at the TV. Again. It was about the rules of the game.


[media] Today, January 26, Secretary of State Raymond Johansen attends a meeting of the African Union in Addis Ababa. There, he will be told that African leaders believe the international rules of the game are terribly unfair, and that a new and development-friendly WTO trade agreement must be in place, export subsidies must be removed. Things can happen in Davos this weekend. On January 27, Jonas Gahr Støre attends an informal ministerial meeting on precisely the WTO.

If the international rules of the game are in fact greedily unfair, if you and I make money on a system that keeps others down – what then? The oil fund is filled with a CO2 cannon that helps to destroy the livelihoods of many poor countries – where is the debate about investing parts of the fund in alternative energy? We in the rich part of the world are today in the same boat as the Germans in the 30s,. . .

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