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An urban world forum

FORUM / Urbanism is often about building bridges and removing contradictions. Here are some examples from the World Forum in Katowice, Poland, of how cities can safeguard women's safety and security

The mayor of Katowice in southern Poland, Marcin Krupa, already set the tone for this year's World Urban Forum (WUF) in June in his opening speech. He stated the following: "Let us not distinguish between the strong and the weak, those with abilities and those without. Rather, let's distinguish between those who want to learn and those who don't."

My lessons after five active WUF days with many meetings and conversations are several. The focus in this text is particularly on women's safety and security.

Security after nightfall

At the network event on safety, it was emphasized that safety and security are two different concepts. The first means having the freedom to choose what you want. The second to keep unwanted elements away.

The European Forum for Safety in the City (EFUS) has drawn up the guidelines "Safer . . .

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Ellen de Vibe
De Vibe is a former head of urban planning in Oslo. Board member of Habitat Norway.

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