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New base in northern Norway directs US warplanes and nuclear submarines

NATO: Norway has got a new NATO base paid for by the US Navy. This time it is Bratland, Lurøy on the Helgeland coast, which is being built in NATO's service.

The rawness of silence

WAR: The barbarism of the West came from the very «free world». Because it was silent

What we should talk about when we talk about anti-Semitism

: Ervin Kohn at the Mosaic Faith Society has stated to the magazine Kampanje (26.07.2019) that «there is some touch anxiety associated with anti-Semitism in Norwegian society, where one does not recognize or recognize anti-Semitism».

The effort in ORIENTERING contributed to a turning point in the Norwegian labor movement

: Sigurd Evensmo <7b> Journalist in the Arbeiderpressen from 1930 to 1949 in recent years as cultural editor of Arbeiderbladet.