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A fairytale

At Soria Moria?


There were two types of people at SV's election vigil last Monday. One group was primarily pleased that there was a red-green majority and a change of government. "We lost the battle, but won the war," they said.

The second type provided, first and foremost, a marked decline for SV. “We lost the battle, and now the war begins," so they.

Of course, there was only one unanimous and triumphant jubilant mass at the Labor Party election watch that naturally followed the strong election.

It is no secret that there will be a hard grip on the government negotiations on Soria Moria. "Kjøttvekta", as it is called, certainly plays a role in such cases, and the Labor Party is now about three times as large as SV. The Center Party, for its part, has made a good choice and can also count on collecting in the negotiations.

But at the same time, it is probably the case that a wounded party can have an impact. . .

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