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A small disappearance number

"Excuse me for always being the same boring face," See-hee says to his girlfriend. And decide to get a new one.

"Today, kids drop by the plastic surgery office after school, and when they get home, their parents can almost not recognize them," Asian Time magazine wrote in 2002. It is estimated that half of all South Korean girls in their XNUMXs have had surgery. Young people who have not yet taken the step, glue their eyelids daily to get bigger, more western eyes.

Nobody beats Asia on cosmetic surgery. In a continent characterized by overpopulation, it is important to stand out and many invest in an intervention to get better jobs. However, in South Korean Kim Ki-duk's latest film, Time, there are no job opportunities that cause the protagonists to undergo drastic operations. It is love.

Paranoia and paradoxes

Again, it is identity. . .

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