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A game with people

In football, human trafficking takes place in increasingly sophisticated ways. And while Europe's big clubs tempt African talents with wealth and fame, the African clubs are decaying.


[football] Football migration has helped to bring African club football into a so-called vicious circle. Over the last four to five years, the best clubs in Nigeria have been faced with difficult problems, due to lower spectator numbers and a general decline in interest in the national league. One possible explanation for the situation is the huge export of Nigerian players to all other nooks and crannies around the world. For example, all the key players in the Nigerian national team play abroad. The regular starting line-up consists of players such as Obafemi Martins (Newcastle, UK), John Obi Mikel (Chelsea, UK), Joseph Yobo (Everton, UK) and Stephen Makinwa (Lazio, Italy). All are world-renowned star players who play regularly in European. . .

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