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A question of history

What is the meaning of life? Terry Eagleton takes up the thread from the guys in Monty Python.


[theory] I have no figures on how many books Terry Eagleton has published over the last 30 years. Eagleton, a professor of literature at The University of Manchester, has written extensively on topics such as postmodernism, Irish culture, the history of the novel and tragedy, theology, poetry, terrorism and political dissent.

One of the latest books, After Theory (2003), has been met with extra good reviews. In this book, Eagleton argues that it is high time to reformulate the ethical and metaphysical issues that were pushed aside by postmodernism's march into cultural conversation. Among the enthusiastic critics we find the Slovenian sociologist and philosopher Slavoj Zizek (with whom Eagleton has much in common). Zizek describes Eagleton's style and method as a "unique combination of theoretical rigor and acidic commonsense wit."

Socialism and wooden shoe dancing

It is by no means difficult to agree with Zizek. The always energetic Eagleton appears to be an intellectual descendant of Ireland's greatest satirist of all time – I think. . .

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