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A notified defeat?

The Grand Coalition in Germany concerns the future of politics itself.

(BERLIN :) The "coalition of new opportunities" has been called the grand coalition between the two German people's parties, the Christian Democrats (CDU / CSU) and the Social Democrats (SPD), which now seems to be a reality. But the "No Other Opportunity Coalition" is a more precise term after the September 18 election did not give a pre-announced government constellation a majority alone and both chancellor candidates, Angela Merkel and Gerhard Schröder, claimed to lead a black-red government.

As the weekend approached, the shuttle traffic of Mercedes cars between Willy Brandt-Haus and the Riksdag and Konrad Adenauer-Haus and the Riksdag, where the party leaders negotiated, became more frequent. You could not check the online newspapers at your local coffee shop without being asked: "Haben wir jetzt einen Kanzler?"

Only last Monday did the answer come. Germany's new leader is in most respects an exception. She is the first woman to ascend the highest peaks of power in Germany, and she is the first chancellor from. . .

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