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After ETA

The separatists have put down their weapons. But for many Basques, the fight is not over. Some Basques will never stop wanting independence. Others first and foremost want peace when ETA has now announced that they will lay down their weapons for good. By Hege Paulsen (text) and Håkon Eikesdal (photo), San Sebastián

[Basque Country] San Sebastián, October 2006. Behind a huge Basque flag and 14 dancing men with national costume and cubes around the belly, march thousands of protesters. It could have been the bourgeoisie in a Norwegian city 17. May, but cheers, sugar spins and smiling faces shine with their absence.

The protesters are well grown, nicely dressed and rake in the back. They are calling out tireless slogans of independence for the Basque Country and amnesty for those over 600 prisoners who are imprisoned on foreign soil.

A little over six months earlier, on March 22 this year, three masked men appeared on Basque television and declared a ceasefire on behalf of the separatist organization Euskadi. . .

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