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EU challenge to red-green government

The Norwegian authorities have had the full right to decide what we should accept of genetically modified food and feed in Norway. This is what the EU wants to end.


A red-green government is thrown right into a serious strength test with the EU. The European Commission will amend the EEA Agreement on an important point. It will take away from the Norwegian authorities the right to reject genetically modified products approved by the EU. We have such a right today. It was negotiated during the EEA negotiations in 1992.

Contrary to the EEA Agreement

The Vice-President of the European Commission, Günter Verheugen, in a letter to ESA, the EEA Agreement's monitoring body, claims that Norway has an obligation to accept all genetically modified food and feed approved by the EU. According to Verheugen, Norway has no right to assess which genetically modified raw materials will be allowed in food and feed sold on the Norwegian market.

This is a proposal directly contrary to the EEA agreement between Norway and the EU that the Storting approved. . .

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