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European concern about US plans

Notwithstanding full support: European leaders fear what the United States can think of to retaliate against the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Scientist doesn't think all of NATO will be drawn.

Slowly but surely, after the NATO Summit's stated solidarity with the United States, European leaders have begun to voice some concern about US retaliation plans. The concern is not explicitly stated, but between the lines it is clear. Today, Friday, the EU's top leaders meet to coordinate their views on counter-reactions to the terrorist attack.

French President Jaques Chirac, but also British Foreign Secretary Tony Blair, are among those who in the past week have supplemented the statements of support with warning undertones. Mr Blair has taken on the role of co-ordinator in order to gather support for an international anti-terrorism network, but the British government has made it clear, according to the United States, that no power of attorney has been issued to the United States. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, he met the heads of state in Berlin, respectively. . .

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