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European reggae fraternity

Did you know that Germany is a leader in European reggae? Now a group from Leipzig is behind a compilation album with reggae from 20 European countries – and Jørg-1 from Tungtvann represents Norway.

Northern Norwegian rapper Jørgen «Jørg-1» Nordeng, best known from the hip-hop group Tungtvann, delivers the Norwegian contribution on Rodeo Europe. The album aims to showcase the best of the European reggae / dancehall scene, and is released by leading German record company Germaican Records.

After rapping Jørg-1 with Tungtvann in 2000, he has distinguished himself as one of the most knowledgeable reggae enthusiasts in Norway, and he has carried out intense missions in the form of concerts, DJ-ing and music journalism. Heavy water has become increasingly reggae-colored, while Jørg-1 has also worked on projects such as Busta Ofte, Raggabalder Riddim Rebels and reggae band Manna. Well the interest has resulted in the honorable attendance at Rodeo Europe, which brings together 20 of the best reggae / dancehall artists from 20 different European countries, and with lyrics in 18 different languages.

Unlike in hip hop, where rappers often demand exclusive rights to the productions they use, in Jamaica it is free for vocalists to indulge in the hottest instruments – called "riddims". The producers associated with Germaican Records, like some of the very few non-Jamaican "riddim" producers, have gained access to Jamaica, and earlier this fall they released the "Rodeo" rhythm, used in songs by dancehall stars such as Elephant Man, Mad Cobra, Degree and TOK After this success, they decided to unite Dancehall-Europa into one kingdom, and now the result comes in the form of the "riddim" album. . .

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