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Forever "stupid"


«It's another year for me and you / Another year with nothing to do». This is how James Osterberg, aka Iggy Stooge (later Iggy Pop), chose to introduce himself and The Stooges on the group's debut album The Stooges (Elektra / Warner 1969). The quote also begins Anders Bortne's rock novel of the year, A good band, and right from the start, The Stooges was used as the final proof that the heavy rock was the dumbest of the genre class. Rock was something for young boys who had nothing to do except write monotonous and noisy music and simple lyrics about boredom, baptism, sex and hard partying. Then go down because of the same themes.

Tasteless and boring

The prestigious magazine Rolling Stone called The Stooges for "loud, drilling, tasteless, unimaginative and childish," but reviewer Ed Ward made an important headline when he concluded, "I kind of like it." The Stooges made noisy, dull, tasteless and childish positive adjectives, showing that although rock may have been Dum, it didn't automatically mean the music wasn't smart. Today, the heavy music magazine stands out The Wire between "stoopid" (good) and "stupid" (bad), and as this year's reissues of The Stooges and the sequel Fun House (Elektra / Warner 1970) shows, Iggy Pop and company were also smarter than most people understood.

The Stooges were another of those bands that sold zero and nothing while they were on, while their aftermath. . .

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