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Dangerous tourism

Residents of the city of Izamal in Mexico want to manage the world's cultural heritage. It can cost them dearly. It's a good thing to end up on UNESCO's World Heritage list. It can also destroy some of the world's most beautiful scenery and cultural heritage.

[unesco] There is a small market right next to a quiet square in the historic center of the city of Izamal, Mexico. It is across the street from a Franciscan monastery, built in 1561 atop a Mayan pyramid. The pointed arches are painted golden yellow, like all other colonial buildings in the city, and cheap t-shirts adorn the brick walls. Right next door, an older woman sells the fruits of avocado and chirimoya.

Close your eyes halfway and imagine a different future for this small Yucatan town. The t-shirts are delicate and overpriced, with motifs from Izamal. The older woman is still there, but sells souvenirs to tourists who have just been on a tour of the pyramid. . .

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