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Poor people have only nature

- The best environmental assistance is to give the local population statutory control over the natural resources they live on, says the leader of the Rainforest Fund, Lars Løvold.

Man-made environmental damage is increasing. The shedding of water, food, forest, fish and wildlife has fatal consequences for millions of people. According to the UN, this and extreme weather creates 8500 environmental refugees per day. In Storting Report 35, 2003-2004, the current government troika went to the brink for the environment to be a key element of Norwegian aid. This was also confirmed in the Soria Moria Declaration. But how do former opposition parties wake up in the baron's bed?

- How has the new government convinced so far?

- At a seminar on putting the environment first, on Norwegian aid's challenges to achieve the UN's Millennium Development Goals to halve poverty, the recent Minister for Development Aid Erik Solheim spoke about the new one. . .

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