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Feminism for Beginners

I'm a hardcore feminist! According to Grethe Nestor. feminist Handbook can give teenagers meat on their feet in the feminist debate.

The hardcore feminist is a younger relative of the old feminist. She is against porn and silicone dolls, and she may be working as a politician or professional feminist. In the worst case, pussy artist or performance artist. And then jeg then, as neither has read Under the pink rug or The other sex.

But forget about the hardcore feminist! Forget about the cyber feminist, the guccifeminist, the badgirl feminist and the oh-so-feared womb feminist. These are just categories in feminist test on the last pages of Grethe Nestors feminist Handbook.

The author and Klassekampen writer has said that she wanted to write the book she herself needed as a 15-20 year old. The purpose is to give young girls, who possibly consider themselves feminists, a little more meat on their bones before they throw themselves. . .

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