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Feminism's lofty ideals


Marte Ruste's attack on my book "Give Me Your Heart" gives two alternative conclusions: either she hasn't read my book, or she's so greedy to construct me as an anti-feminist traditionalist that she chooses dishonesty rather than open discussion.

"It is not original to warn that feminism threatens love. The surprising thing in the book "Give me your heart – in search of love" is that Hanne Andrea Kraugerud so little problematizes the claim ", writes Ryste. Well, here are two, among many, examples in my book, where I do just that:

"If the man works less and takes more time at home, while giving the woman more time for an independent adult life outside the home, the level of conflict is likely to be significantly reduced. The frustrations disappear, the self-respect increases, and not least you get more time to be together. The room for love has expanded. The feminist focus on female orgasms, the woman's right to an as free and non-committal sexual life as the man has had, statutory maternity leave, the dismantling of the formal and legal structures of marriage that have been the oppressor of women, the focus on the soft, sensitive man and with it perhaps a greater opportunity for communication in a relationship are other examples of the general achievements of feminism and equality on the love and relationship front. ”

About Nora Helmer's love, I write, among other things: «Gender equality, feminism and love; in Helmers. . .

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