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No longer catching

After 17 years, Blekkulf is separated from the Nature Conservation Association. They think he is too childish.

[environment] Blekkulf will no longer be the front figure for young environmental detectives in the Nature Conservation Association. Money troubles and disagreements have led to breaches with the creator of the squid, Bente Roestad. From having around 25.000 members in their heyday, there are now sharp 2500 members left.

Blekkulf's environmental detectives change their name to Miljøagentene – and all the employees leave the ship. General manager Andrew Kroglund says that there have been many and long negotiations with Bente Roestad. Kroglund believes Blekkulf worked best for the youngest.

- We have had a target group from 3-12 years, but when the children are 6-7 years old, Blekkulf is not so cool anymore. Rather a bit childish, says Kroglund.

Roestad has a completely different view:

- My experience after many years of puppet theater, radio and books about Blekkulf is that his philosophy, which is based on the joy of nature, has appeal to children up to. . .

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