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Prison aircraft 31 hours in Bergen

A Hercules aircraft, which the United States has long claimed did not exist, was in Norway on National Day 17 May 2002. The aircraft landed on Flesland in Bergen and was there for over 31 hours. The client was a company affiliated with the CIA. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs knows nothing about the aircraft.


On May 16, 2002 at 12.06 local time, the Hercules aircraft with the registration number "N8213G" landed at Flesland near Bergen. The plane then came directly from Stephenville in Canada. A little over 31 hours later, on the national day 17 May at 19.19 local time, the plane took off from Flesland and set course for Fairford in Great Britain.

According to Avinor's communications director, Ove Narvesen, "N8213G" landed once in Norway after 1999, and this. . .

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