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Party in Wonderland

With the Hovefestival, Norway finally got a real festival feeling.

Reviewed by Lars Sætren

[festival] Every year, dozens of Norwegians travel abroad to come to another world. Not to Denmark, nor to Roskilde, but to the state of Roskilde. This year, the fresh Hovefestival on Tromøy outside Arendal in its first year has become a worthy challenger to the Danes.

rain Heavy

The rainy weather was given the honorable task of opening the first Hovefest of all time. And there was little the festival management or anyone else could do about it. Festival general Morten Sandberg jovially joked that Norway has finally got a proper festival, compared to mud images from rainy years at Roskilde and Glastonbury in England. It is asked whether the festival participants who had to be evacuated in the muddy mud and darkness of the night think it was just as fun.

There are many different reasons to travel to festivals, but the music is still there. . .

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